Our Route Out of LockdownOur Route Out of Lockdown


Please see the attachment to this message that gives an outline of our route out of lockdown.

As future progress is made, we will notify members of arrangements via email and postings on the club website and social media pages.

We hope to see you soon

Bar Committee

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MRFC Return to RugbyMRFC Return to Rugby


All rugby sessions will strictly adhere to appropriate Government and RFU COVID-19 restrictions

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Alan BrownAlan Brown


It is with sadness that we have heard of the death, on Sunday 23rd of May, of Ambrose Alan Brown at the age of 92 – Ak Ak Brown to those who knew him. Alan was part of our Club - almost from the very beginning.

The OId Edwardians Rugby Club, as we were first known, first played in the 1947/48 season. Alan played in the second row or back row and his first games were in the 1948/49 season. In the 1949/50 season he played 25 out of the Club’s 27 matches and was a regular First XV player until the mid-1950’s.

Alan played in our first ever Northumberland County Cup Final when in March 1954 we narrowly lost in the Northumberland Shield Final to Gosforth second XV by 3-5 – Alan scored our try. He also played in the first ever Morpeth match at Mitford Road in April 1954 against a Bobby Robinson XV. He was a playing member when the Club gained Senior County status in 1954.

The Club began as a Junior Club in the County and the Northumberland RFU ran a Junior Colts County side and Morpeth often provided this County side with 6 or 7 players and Alan was one of these Morpeth County players together with, WE Laidlaw, A Gordon, TC Danskin, DP Trousdale, J Toshak, RG Clough, LK O’Connor, and PA Jackson.

After his First XV playing days were over Alan continued to play for the Club. In the 1962/63 season he was vice captain to Alan Gordon for our 3rd XV and when our 4th XV started, he captained the 4th XV for 3 years with his former First XV partner PA Tony Jackson.

Alan was asked on several occasions if he would become a Club Vice President with the view of eventually becoming President – but he declined – so in 1970 the Club made him an Honorary Life Member.

Alan however will always be associated with looking after the Club pitches at Mitford Road. He became a member of our General Committee in 1955/56 and in 1957 was part of the Committee looking after the Ground. For the best part of 40 years if you went to the Club on a Saturday morning during the rugby season Alan would be there on his own, marking out the lines of the pitches for the Saturday afternoon matches.

At the end of 1996-97 season Alan was awarded the George Brown Trophy for contribution on and off the field – this was fitting for all his years of service and signalled the end of his work with the Club pitches.

He enjoyed watching the Club sides playing whether First XV or the junior sides, well into the early 2000’s but after a severe illness he has unfortunately not been to Mitford Road for several years.

Alan will be remembered by Morpeth Club members as a very quiet gentleman who preferred to get on and help the Club in his own way without any fuss - and he did this both on and off the field for many, many, years.

Alan was a former Policeman who retired in 1984 to live in Gosforth, after 35 years’ service and was well known through the Police rugby team which he ran for decades.

He leaves a widow – Molly, daughter Alison and son David who is also a retired Northumbria Police Officer.

Scoops Slot – Duncan ‘Nobby’ Clark Scoops Slot – Duncan ‘Nobby’ Clark


This week’s club member is Duncan ‘Nobby’ Clark

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Rob Mair (Snr)Rob Mair (Snr)


It is with sadness that we have heard that Rob Mair (Snr) passed away on the 17th of May – aged 94. Rob and his family were a part of the club for many years in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Rob was on the Club Committee for several years and was House Chairman in 1977/78. His wife Margaret was on the Ladies Committee and both his sons – Richard and Rob Jnr played for the Club’s First XV. Rob Jnr gaining his First XV tie in 1976.
The Mair family have been an important part of the Club, highly respected and “old Rob” will be remembered with a great deal of affection by all that knew him.

Club closed on Saturday 29th MayClub closed on Saturday 29th May


As previously advised Covid restrictions are now being gradually relaxed and we have a backlog of rolled-over functions and events booked with us. The majority of these are for the ground floor Clubroom but some do include the upstairs suite. This inevitably means we will be unable to open the club house on some dates and we have promised to give you advance notice of these.

The club will be closed on Saturday 29th May for a Wedding

We are however open on Friday evenings from 6 to 9pm and Sundays from 11am to 3pm

Further dates will be posted as appropriate.

Once again our apologies for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Scoops Slot – Richie YoungScoops Slot – Richie Young


This week’s club member is Richie Young

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Scoops Slot – Ian PringleScoops Slot – Ian Pringle


This week’s club member is Ian Pringle

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Isaac ArrisIsaac Arris


It is with sadness that we have heard of the death of one of our older members of the club. Isaac Arris died on the 30th of March aged 85 after a short illness. Isaac was a local Painter and Decorator and joined the Club in the mid 1950’s. He was a member of the General Club Committee and the House and Ground Committee from 1957 to the early 1970’s.

He was Hon. Team Secretary in the 1965/66 Season – a position he held for the next 3 years and again became Team Secretary in the 1970/71 Season. Being Team Secretary was not the easiest of jobs in the 1960’s – not only had he to send out dozens of post cards informing players where they were playing and for which team, but he also had to make sure that each team had 15 players on the field. Isaac had one particularly difficult weekend in 1970 when the First XV were travelling to Preston Grasshoppers. There were several late cry offs and the First XV were short of a winger. Isaac approached Robson Phillipson to play – Robson said that he had to unload a waggon of straw and could not therefore travel - Isaac promptly said that he would unload the waggon himself - and Robson therefore travelled to Preston.

Isaac played nearly all of his rugby on the junior sides – though he did manage to play for the First XV on 5 occasions in the early 1960’s - he also travelled to the Isle of Man in Easter 1966 with the First XV. Isaac was Captain of the Club Junior sides for 4 Seasons - the Third XV in the 1968/9 Season and our 4th selected side in 1969/70, 1970/71 and 1972/73 Seasons. He was also Bar Chairman for 2 Seasons in the mid 1960’s.

For more than a decade Isaac was a prominent member of our Club and will be remembered by many of our older players with fond memories and by many members for his decorating skills in their homes.

Scoops Slot – John GoodfellowScoops Slot – John Goodfellow


This week’s club member is John Goodfellow

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Scoops Slot – John LeitheadScoops Slot – John Leithead


This week’s club member is John Leithead

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MRFC 115 ClubMRFC 115 Club

115 Club Draw

We have now completed all of the draws for the 2020-21 Season – the results for the 10 draws are below.

There are currently 115 numbers in the “Club” however we are looking to expand the “Club” for the 2021-22 Season – if anyone would like to take a number please contact John Stafford, by the end of May, via email –

Each number is £50 for the Season and there are 10 draws throughout the Season.
£100 – Dave Marshall (94)
£50 – Joe Routledge (91)
£30 – Don McLeod (38)
£25 – Mick Lishman (43)
£15 – Ed Cuthbert (96)
£10 – Jim Dirom (27), Carolyn Telford (5), Chris Lishman (73), Alfie Grieve (28), Ainslie Knox (57), Alan Woolhead (86), Jim Telford (11)
£100 – Mick Lishman (43)
£50 – Lisa Watson (115)
£30 – Duncan Clark (7)
£25 – Neville Dickinson (82)
£15 – Dave Metcalfe (39)
£10 – Stephen Parsons (99), Rory Morrison (8), Chris Lishman (41), Vi (110), Carolyn Samms (106), Don McLeod 38, Dave Chattaway (74)
£100 – Colin Slater (44)
£50 – Charlie/Freddie Thornton (98)
£30 – Rick Hornby (29)
£25 – Ben Morrison (45)
£15 – Gus Nelless (3)
£10 – Michael Parrish (25), Jim Dirom (27), Nigel Dodds (102), Graeme Younger (87), Tony Batty (22), Geoff Manners (85), Ray Green (68)
£100 – Trevor Watson (14)
£50 – Carolyn Samms (106)
£30 – Jo Thornton (113)
£25 – Joe Routledge (32)
£15 – Stephen Cowell (111)
£10 – Dave Metcalfe (39), Jim Telford (11), Andy Higginbottom (46), Ed Cuthbert (96), Joan Manners (65), Jimmy Pringle (18), James Richfield (109)
£100 – Sam Duckworth (2)
£50 – Will Thornton (13)
£30 – Andy Hindhaugh (81)
£25 – Dave Chattaway
£15 – Ainslie Knox (57)
£10 – Colin Slater (44), Paul Airey (66), David Pringle (58), Simon Bainbridge (59), Dave Stafford (77), Duncan Nelless (53), John Goodfellow (34)
£100 – Dave Metcalfe (39)
£50 – Eddie Richardson (114)
£30 – Ainslie Knox (57)
£25 – Bernard Scott (31)
£15 – Joe Routledge (32)
£10 – Ray Green (68), Enid Nelless (107), James Metcalf (24), Betsy Richardson (12), Ed Cuthbert (96), Rob Winter (93), James Richfield (109),
March 1
£100 – John Elliott Snr (35)
£50 – Joe Routledge (91)
£30 – Enid Nelless (107)
£25 – James Richfield (109)
£15 – John Price (88)
£10 – Bernard Scott (105), Pooch (69), Jacko (9), Adam Grieve (84), Joe Routledge (56), Charlie Kendall (26), Ainslie Knox (57)
March 2
£100 – David Dickinson (1)
£50 – Nigel Grieve (64)
£30 – Nadine Metcalfe (104)
£25 – Rory Morrison (8)
£15 – Carolyn Samms (106)
£10 – Dave Marshall (94), Tom Woolhead (61), Sam Duckworth (2), Colin Slater (44), Dave Peyton (48), Dave Metcalfe (39), Patrick Kendall (40)
April 1
£100 – Bernard Scott (103)
£50 – Tony Batty (22)
£30 – Nigel Dodds (102)
£25 – Paul Airey (66)
£15 – Carolyn Telford (5)
£10 – Tom Woolhead (61), Adrian Slassor (15), Hutt (54), John Elliott Snr (35), Peter Kirkup (70), Dave Metcalfe (39), Roger Dickinson (20)
April 2
£100 – Will Thornton (13)
£50 – Tom Bramald (17)
£30 – Rob Leiper (83)
£25 – Chris Lishman (41)
£15 – Harry Kennedy (23)
£10 – James Metcalf (24), Michael Beckwith (92), Lisa Watson (115), John Elliott Jnr (67), Stephen Parsons (99), Alfie/Isla Grieve (28), Neville Dickinson (82)

Scoops Slot – Mick LishmanScoops Slot – Mick Lishman


This week’s club member is Mick Lishman

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Scoops Slot – David DickinsonScoops Slot – David Dickinson


This week’s club member is David Dickinson

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Scoops Slot – David PringleScoops Slot – David Pringle


This week’s club member is David Pringle

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Scoops Slot – Duncan & Angus NellessScoops Slot – Duncan & Angus Nelless


This week’s club members are Duncan & Angus Nelless

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Scoops Slot – John RobsonScoops Slot – John Robson


This week’s club member is John Robson

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Norman WisemanNorman Wiseman


It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death on the Feb.4th of Norman Wiseman. Norman had been both a Club Captain and a Club President.

Norman was educated at Gateshead Grammar School and then Hatfield College which was part of the Durham Colleges and Durham University. After leaving Durham he got a post teaching in the Reading area and played his rugby for the Wasps Club.

In September 1960 he became Physics Master at Morpeth Grammar School and began playing rugby for the Morpeth Old Edwardians. In his first season under the captaincy of John Robson he played 31 of the club’s 34 games.

In only his second season at Morpeth he was appointed Club Captain, 1961/2, in what turned out to become the best season that the Club had ever had. The Club lost only 4 games out of 33, scored a record number of tries (110), scored a record number of points (513 when tries were worth only 3 points) and the side were unbeaten until the last week in January.

In his second season as Captain in 1962/3 the rugby programme was marred by the severe winter when there was no rugby from the beginning of December to the beginning of March. The 1st XV only lost 6 of their 22 games and at the end of the season played in the Northumberland Senior Cup Final against the very strong Gosforth side at the old County ground. In the local newspaper on the Monday morning after the final which we lost 0-16, John Pargeter the Rugby correspondent wrote ”with the approval of all who watched I wish to offer a hearty vote of thanks to all 30 players who made the Final such an enjoyable encounter”. At the end of the season Norman organised the Club’s first ever Easter tour to Reading.

Norman played a few games in the 1963/4 season and then retired from playing but continued to be part of the Club – becoming Club President for two years between 1975-1977. He was President when our new Clubhouse was officially opened in Jan.1977.

Norman left Morpeth Grammar School to become Headmaster in Gateshead and then Headmaster at Astley High school in Seaton Delaval. He became a keen golfer at the Alnmouth Foxton Golf Club and enjoyed an outdoor life walking, fishing, and shooting.

The Club sends its condolences to his wife Ros, son David and daughter Catherine.

Scoops Slot – John DungaitScoops Slot – John Dungait


This week’s club member is John Dungait

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Scoops Slot – Peter KirkupScoops Slot – Peter Kirkup


This week’s club member is Peter Kirkup

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Scoops Slot – Duncan HuttonScoops Slot – Duncan Hutton


This week’s club member is Duncan Hutton

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Scoops Slot – John ElliottScoops Slot – John Elliott


This week’s club member is John Elliott

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Scoops Slot – Tony MoodyScoops Slot – Tony Moody


This week’s club member is Tony Moody

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Scoops Slot – Harry KennedyScoops Slot – Harry Kennedy


This week’s club member is Harry Kennedy

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Scoops Slot – Adam Savage Scoops Slot – Adam Savage


This week’s club member is Adam Savage

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Scoops Slot – Ben HornbyScoops Slot – Ben Hornby


This week’s club member is Ben Hornby

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Annual Awards for season 2019-2020Annual Awards for season 2019-2020


George Brown Cup (for a Club Members contribution on/off the field) – The Grieve Family
1st XV Player of the Year (Aztec Cup – in recognition of the work of Peter Kirkup) – Cole Wilson
1st XV Tie (25 games or 80% of competitive games played but a minimum of 20 games in 1 season) – Ian Burnham, Cole Wilson, Bentley Brown
Players Ties (25 games or 80% of games but a minimum of 20 games in 1 season for any Morpeth senior team) – Ryan Watson, Callum Lamb, Steven Long, Aarin Neder, Steve Evans
Club Top Try Scorer (W.G. Hewitt Cup) – Adam Savage
Young Player of the Year (Bill Charlton Memorial Trophy) – Cole Wilson
Reivers Player of the Year (Sam Duckworth Trophy) – Elliott Clark
Edwardians Player of the Year (Bryan Lawrence Memorial Trophy) – Paul Borg
Stags Player of the Year (George Hakin Memorial Trophy) – Peter Joyner
Colts Player of the Year (in recognition of the work of Jimmy Pringle) – Ryan Charlton
Ralph Appleby Salver (for an Under 16s contribution on/off the field) – Jake Hewitt & Will Jobling
Age Grade Coach of the Year (Mike Brunskill Memorial Cup) – Dave Reed

Scoops Slot – Ben SandallScoops Slot – Ben Sandall


This week’s club member is Ben Sandall

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Scoops Slot – Chris LishmanScoops Slot – Chris Lishman


This week’s club member is Chris Lishman

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Morpeth RFC PlayerLayer web shop is now live.Morpeth RFC PlayerLayer web shop is now live.


Please go to club shop section on this website.

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Scoops Slot – Stephen ParsonsScoops Slot – Stephen Parsons


This week’s club member is Stephen Parsons

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Scoops Slot – Gary StephensonScoops Slot – Gary Stephenson


This week’s club member is Gary Stephenson

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Morpeth RFC Bonfire & Fireworks StatementMorpeth RFC Bonfire & Fireworks Statement


It is with deep regret that due to Covid restrictions Morpeth RFC have made the decision to cancel this year's Bonfire and Fireworks display.

We will hopefully be back next year on Sunday 6th November 2021 bigger and better than before, looking forward to seeing you all then, in the meantime stay safe and take care.

Scoops Slot – Ryan CharltonScoops Slot – Ryan Charlton


This week’s club member is Ryan Charlton

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Scoops Slot - Rob ParkinsonScoops Slot - Rob Parkinson


This weeks club member is Rob Parkinson

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Bar Notice: Covid-19 Restrictions UpdateBar Notice: Covid-19 Restrictions Update


Local Restrictions Effective from Midnight 30/09/2020

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Temporary Suspension of Bar ServiceTemporary Suspension of Bar Service


The latest announcements from the Government have introduced further advice on protection from infection that mean we will have to take some additional steps to modify the way things work in the Clubhouse. There are also reports that a year group at Chantry Middle School may have recorded positive incidence(s) and if correct that is likely to impact on one of our Youth Section age groups.

Added to that we have been made aware that, unfortunately, two of our club members have tested positive for Covid-19 though happily neither are reporting severe symptoms. In both cases contact with others at the club was very limited and all the necessary steps have been taken by the individuals concerned to self-isolate and contact NHS Test and Trace.

In view of the above and the very low level of commercial activity currently at the club we have taken the decision to close the clubhouse until Sunday 4 October as a preventative measure. This will allow a break period to protect staff and club members as well as an important pre-booked commitment that is scheduled for Saturday 3 October.

In the meantime Sandra (tel: 07969 317932) will continue to offer a “Take Away” service and our licence also permits “off-sales” that can be arranged with Gary (tel: 07740 161284) at competitive prices.

Apologies for the disruption to service and thanks for your patience.

Bar Committee



It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death of Walter Casey who died in the Freeman Hospital on the morning Sunday 20th September. Walter was introduced to rugby in the late 1950’s at the old Morpeth Grammar school. He was one of a large group of rugby players at that time who went on to play for the then Morpeth Old Edwardian and go on to gain Representative Honours.
Walter played 3 seasons for the Grammar School First XV, played for the Northumberland Schoolboys and had an England School International Trial in 1961. After leaving school he studied at Manchester University where he played for the University as well as the UAU. After college he joined the RAF played for both the RAF and the Combined Services. During his travels in the RAF Walter played Senior Championship Rugby for Eastern Counties and Dorset and Wiltshire as well as playing one County Championship game for Northumberland against Durham in 1965. In 1966 he and a fellow Morpeth player Stuart Reid played at the Scarborough Festival for the North East Counties. One of the many clubs that he played for in his travels was Bath.
Walter’s career at Mitford Road began in 1960 when he was a member of the Club’s Under 18 side that won the Northumberland Under 18 Cup. He first played for the First XV as a schoolboy in 1961 and played his last First XV game in 1976 – continuing to play for the Reivers for 2 more years.
He played for the Club in the Northumberland Senior Cup Final in 1963, played in the Club’s 21st Anniversary match against the County President’s XV in 1967 and when he returned to the North East in 1972 he ended up playing 2 full seasons in 1974 and 1975 including the National Knock Out games against London Irish, Bath and Rosslyn Park. In 1977 Walter organised the first Club Beer Festival where the Snitter Barbarians played their first games.
Club members will remember Walter as a strong running, fierce tackling centre but he was also a very skilful player who began his career at full back and played very successfully in several seven a side tournaments – being a member of the Clubs winning side in 1967 that won the Northumberland County sevens at Close House, Wylam.
Walter’s brother John played for the Club as did his son Liam.
Finally, after his playing career ended, he astonished many of his former playing friends by becoming a Northumberland referee – and he was still refereeing well into his 60’s.

Return to rugby stage D: 010920Return to rugby stage D: 010920


A guide to adapted contact rugby activity.

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Scoops Slot - Amy CarrScoops Slot - Amy Carr


This weeks club member is Amy Carr

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Scoops Slot - Jack ElliottScoops Slot - Jack Elliott


This week's club member is Jack Elliott

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Scoops Slot - John StaffordScoops Slot - John Stafford


This week’s club member is John Stafford (Staffy)

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Geoff Sutton is back !!!Geoff Sutton is back !!!


Scoop's second book, PROOF, a sequel to TRUST, is being launched at the club on Saturday 12 th September, from 4:30 onwards.Yet again the rugby club features under the guise of Upper Parton RFC.
Further copies will be placed behind the bar, please speak to Gary if you want to make a purchase. For each book sold on the premises a £1 donation is made to the club.
Many thanks again for your support, any positive reviews welcomed on Amazon !!!

Colin Green



The papers and supporting Financial Statements for the club AGM have been emailed out to all members using the GMS system. If they don't appear in your "Inbox" please check your Spam, Trash & Junk type folders. If you cannot find any trace of receipt please contact Peter Owens (

Many thanks

Ken Fraser




The club house is open every Saturday 13.00 - 20.00pm.

We just wanted to update you on the steps we are taking to keep our club clean and safe for you and our staff. We don’t want you left disappointed. So, before you head down to see us, we’d just like to remind you that we will be opening with new regulations that comply with government guidelines.

-We are taking table bookings for inside the club-house, 13 tables available in doors, pre-book if possible, 6 people per table (from 2 households only).

-People are more than welcome to pop along, however this will be outdoor seating only.

-Everyone must be seated on arrival as we cannot allow anyone standing at the bar or elsewhere.

-It will be bar service only. There will be food service available, all cooked to order, so please allow for time.

We completely understand that the above rules will make the club experience quite different to what you are used to however the safety of staff and customers is paramount and hopefully these measures are only temporary.

Please bear with us as we get used to this new way of operating. We need your support, understanding and patience to help us get back to business as usual.

Thank you, stay safe and see you soon! Gary, Kerry and the team.

The club house is open every Saturday 13.00 - 20.0The club house is open every Saturday 13.00 - 20.0


We are Set up and all ready to go!!

Burger and a Bottle Lager for the Gents £5.00
Bottle of Prosecco for the Ladies £12.00

Re-opening For BusinessRe-opening For Business


Please read the attached document.

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Important Notice To All MembersImportant Notice To All Members


Please read the attached document.

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Morpeth RFC Rugby ReportMorpeth RFC Rugby Report


Sad to say this will be the last rugby report of the season; the clubhouse as with other institutions has been closed in accordance with current guidelines.

On a rugby front Morpeth are precariously placed, currently fighting hard to maintain their North Premier status, with the RFU decision on promotion and relegation pending. In addition, the success of teams representing the club has brought with it several un-played cup finals:

Reivers v Northern Wanderers - Candy Plate. Eds v Percy Park Lions - County Cup. Eds v WBR Vikings - Candy Trophy. Colts v Percy Park - County Cup.

There is no doubt that the rugby club, will face a difficult period over the next few months, such events as the Past Players Lunch and established Beer Festival are amongst many others that have rightly been cancelled.

Morpeth Rugby Club is not unique, and a similar set of circumstances will face many of our clubs and societies in these difficult times. It is when such superb facilities, that we almost take for granted, are removed from us, that we then realise how much we rely upon them. Morpeth Rugby is a community-based club, regularly running four senior teams, a thriving mini - junior section, and the excellent Women's and girls’ teams. Additionally, an outstanding Colts side that annually supplements the first team with top-class home-grown talent.

Yet the club provides much more, with community-based projects such as the Fireworks display and the aforesaid Beer Festival. It also offers top class Private Function facilities.

This all pales into insignificance as the Coronavirus pandemic grips the country and our thoughts go to those families who have suffered loss, pain and suffering as a result.

Please keep safe and take care: hopefully before long we can all gather again at Mitford Road, where everyone will be made welcome.

Scoops Man of the Match - Club President Gary Stephenson.

COVID-19 updateCOVID-19 update


"In line with updated advice from HM Government the clubhouse and Gym are closed with immediate effect.

We will keep the situation under constant review and post any future changes on the site and social media pages."

Club Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) EmergencyClub Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency


The current emergency centred on the Coronavirus pandemic is presenting everyone with difficult decisions, some more than others. As individuals we are being encouraged to “do the right thing” and the same can be said of organisations. The club is not exempt from this and the Management Board met yesterday evening to consider our response to the current and
anticipated developing situation.

The decision we have come to is that we have to close for on-site business with immediate effect. This decision is based on two fundamental factors:

 A directive from the RFU that has suspended all rugby playing and group training activity until 14 April 2020
 The guidance and advice to individuals and employing organisations emanating from HM Government

We have no choice but to adhere to the directive from the RFU.

The issues associated with the second factor are, of course, voluntary and, at least for now, are up to each individual to decide for themselves. Nevertheless, based on advice from health and scientific experts, the Government has advised in very strong terms that the population in
general should stay away from clubs, pubs, bar and restaurants, avoid wherever possible social groupings and to implement social distancing.

We have taken the view that we have a duty of care both to the people that work for us and to our wider membership many of whom fall into, or may have family who fall into, the categories of people with significant added risk. We are also cognisant of the fact that social activity at the club is closely related to rugby activity and without the latter the former falls
away considerably.

The RFU will review it’s approach to rugby playing matters on 14 April and we will revisit this decision then – or before if there is any significant change in circumstances.

We hope members will understand what we have done and the reasons behind our decision.

Having said we are closed for on-site business we do remain open for off-sales (at very competitive prices), for function and event bookings outside of the “danger window” and we intend to talk with Sandra to see if there is any mileage in offering a “take-away” food service. If you are interested in either of these please speak to Gary (07740 161284).

Please also keep your eye on the club website and social media pages where we intend to post future updates.

Finally can we thank you for your understanding and support and look forward to an early return to normality.

Saturday 14th March ResultsSaturday 14th March Results


Sandal 35-32 1st XV
Steven Long, Owen Clemett, Ollie Dynan – 1 try each
Ben Hornby – 1 try, 2 penalties, 3 conversions
MOM – Cole Wilson

West End 19-33 Stags
Dan Lynn – 1 try
Phil Divers – 2 tries
David Wall – 2 tries & 4 conversions
MOM – Phil Divers

Sandal 35-32 1st XVSandal 35-32 1st XV

Match Reports

It was yet again, close but not close enough, for a hardworking Morpeth side that put in a good away performance against a side riding high at the top of the league. Ultimately it was a two-point return for Morpeth as the home side probably deserved the spoils. Morpeth travelled with another change at half back with Ben Hornby moving to 9 and Owen Clemett playing at 10, both looked more than comfortable in their respective roles.

Morpeth had the distinct advantage of the elements in the first forty minutes, in terms of the wind and slope. They got off to a cracking start as Hornby got on the score sheet with both a converted try followed by two quick penalties. 0-13.

After such a quick start it was now time for Sandal to stake a foothold in the game, quickly reducing the deficit to three points with a converted try and penalty of their own in this see-saw encounter. 10-13.

But Morpeth weren't to be outdone and scored a good team try when following a good run by replacement Kieran Smith, backs and forwards combined before second row Long crashed over for a try converted by Hornby. 10-20.

Clemett then scored an unconverted try after some good teamwork. 10-25.

Sadly, Morpeth were unable to maintain that advantage when Sandal scored a converted try of their own before halftime. 25-17.

It was now the home side who had the elements in their favour and with this advantage they took control of the game first taking, then increasing their lead to 35-25, as the game moved to the final minutes. Then with the home side reduced to 13 men Morpeth were given a penalty, they rightly opted for an attacking scrum, where Dynan scored as forward power saw Sandal go backwards. Hornby again added the conversion.

For Morpeth, Denton again showed up well in consecutive games, however, it was Cole Wilson, outstanding this year, with another man of the match display.

Scoops Man of the Match Cole Wilson.

Blaydon 34-29 1st XVBlaydon 34-29 1st XV

Match Reports

Morpeth made possibly their shortest away trip when they travelled south to face the current league leaders Blaydon in what proved to be an exciting encounter particularly as the game concluded. Playing on the artificial service, it allowed for free-flowing match which possibly favoured the home side whose willingness to attack from distance provided an entertaining spectacle. Morpeth battled on through, with their forwards having the edge and their cause not helped by a couple of errors that resulted in Blaydon tries. That said, no one would suggest that ultimately the better team won on the day.

Blaydon set off at a cracking pace but after 15 minutes it was Morpeth who came very close to taking the lead when Telford, playing at 9, charged down a kick and the follow up touch down unfortunately occurred on the dead ball line. But on 20 minutes the home side took the lead when after intense pressure, and a Morpeth sinbinning, a quickly taken penalty saw the skilful fly half Carey score. 5-0.

The sinbinning proved very costly for Morpeth, with two more home scores making the score 17-0, in Blaydon's favour after 30 minutes.

Then Morpeth gained a foothold in the game, Ward, who was sound throughout, caught, then chipped ahead, regathered and from recycled possession, Hornby kicked through for Craigs to score. 17-5.

Blaydon finished the half with an excellent counter attacking score prompted by the outstanding full back Foreman. 22-5.

The second half saw Blaydon increase their lead as Morpeth tried to match the home side's tempo, but another error saw another home side score. 27-5.

But Morpeth's spirit again shone through in the last quarter when they really took the game to the home side. Back rowers, Dynan, Denton and Craigs, together with prop Cole Wilson were outstanding performers. On 60 minutes left wing Jardine went over wide out, after Craigs supplied a scoring pass. 27-10.

Further Morpeth forward dominance came when Burnham did well to gather a line out, then a forward drive saw Josh Williams go over for Hornby to add the extras. 27-17.

Unfortunately for Morpeth the momentum came to a halt as a charged down kick saw another home try. 34-17.

But Morpeth weren't to be outdone, from a dominant scrum Denton went over on 72 minutes. 34-22.

Then again forward pressure, this time a home sinbinning saw numerous attacking scrums resulting in penalty after penalty before the inevitable happened with a Morpeth penalty try after Craigs expertly controlled a difficult ball at number 8. 34-29.

It was therefore a relieved Blaydon team that brought the game to a conclusion by kicking the ball out of play. Final score 34-29.

It was a gutsy loss for Morpeth who still came away with a crucial 2 points.

Scoops Man of the Match Cole Wilson

Morpeth Farmers 59-7 Newcastle AgricsMorpeth Farmers 59-7 Newcastle Agrics


The 8th Annual Morpeth Farmers v Newcastle Agrics took place, at the Club, on Wednesday 4th of March in front of a good crowd and as usual served up yet another excellent game of rugby with the Farmers just proving to be too strong for the second year in a row.

The first Morpeth Farmers game was played back in 1980 when former Club President David Turnbull thought it would be good to have a game with the Kirkley Hall Students and this game was played 32 times through to 2012, missing only 2 years - 2001 due to the foot and mouth epidemic in the local farming area and 2005 due to bad weather.

In 2013 the Newcastle Agrics were asked to play in the game to maintain a competitive match and in the 8 games currently played, the Farmers have won 6 and the Agrics 2 – the aggregate score is now Farmers 209-125 Agrics, however 2 years ago this aggregate score was actually 111-110 in the Agrics favour.

The winning team is presented with The David Turnbull Trophy, first presented in 2002, which Farmers Captain Steve Evans collected this time with the Farmers beating the Agrics 59-7.

The Ali Johnson Man of the Match Trophy was awarded to the Farmers George Hogg – Ali Johnson was a former Kirkley Hall Student and this award was first presented in 2009.

There was actually a man of the match from each team and a traditional pint race decided the winner with George beating the Agrics Hayden McKenzie.

This annual game now has some 50 sponsors and thanks again to these and organisers Claire Bainbridge, Simon Bainbridge and John Goodfellow.

Our thanks also to Northumberland referee Andy McDonough.

2021 fixture will be Wednesday 3rd March 4.15pm kick-off!!

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Saturday 7th March ResultsSaturday 7th March Results


Blaydon 34-29 1st XV
Mickey Craigs, Jake Jardine, Josh Williams, Matt Denton – 1 try each
Penalty try
Ben Hornby – 1 conversion
MOM – Cole Wilson

Reivers 24-14 Blaydon II
Callum Simpson, Craig Donnelly, Elliott Clark – 1 try each
Paul Wonders – 3 conversions & 1 penalty
MOM – Bertie Hinson

Northern Panthers 37-5 Stags
Aarin Neder – 1 try
MOM – Phil Divers

Colts 22-6 Gala
Joe Finney, Tim Letts, Rory Norton – 1 try each
George Ayliffe – 1 penalty & 2 conversions
MOM - Joe Finney

Saturday 7th March Kick-off TimesSaturday 7th March Kick-off Times


Reivers v Blaydon II (H) – 2PM
Colts v Gala (H) – 2PM
1st XV v Blaydon (A) – 3PM
Stags v Northern Panthers (A) – 3PM

England v Wales @ Twickenham – 4.45PM – on in clubhouse

8th Morpeth Beer Festival8th Morpeth Beer Festival


Full weekend with live music, rugby & fully stocked bars...
Weekend pass can be bought in advance from 1st March 2020 through Facebook, Morpeth Rugby Club and Grape & Grain in Morpeth.

£12 weekend ticket - includes admission, festival glass, 2 beer tokens & programme - it is advised to please buy passes before event.

Live music - North East singer/sax player Jason Isaacds "kicks" the weekend off on the Friday night & Morpeth Rock Band 'Siren' will finish everything off on the Saturday night

** Please note ** If paying through PayPal, confirmation email from PayPal is proof of admission - please present for entery over the weekend **

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Saturday 29th February ResultsSaturday 29th February Results


1st XV 19-8 Lymm
Bentley Brown – 1 try
Ollie Dynan – 2 tries
Kieran Smith – 2 conversions
MOM – Ollie Dynan

Northern Wanderers 21-28 Eds
Adam Savage, Paul Borg, Jonny Lishman, James Slater
Adam Cutts – 4 conversions
MOM – Paul Borg

Ponteland II 40-10 Stags
Aarin Neder, Pete Howie – 1 try each
MOM – Pete Howie

Colts 17-39 Melrose
Lewis Urwin, Rory Norton – 1 try each
George Ayliffe – 2 conversions & 1 penalty
MOM – Josh Cook